How to HACK BACK your TIME!

Do you know that feeling when the day flies by before you even realize that it started? Then the week, month, years and at the same time you have the feeling you have not accomplished what you wanted? One reason for this is that we are constantly distracted. We want to accomplish everything a nd ideally all at the same time. What might look like a genius chess move is, in fact, a disaster. In the end, because we are doing everything at the same time, we do nothing at all. So, how do you become both in-distract-able and the master of your time? You have to plan out your life. It starts with your targets for the day. Set your goal and what you want to achieve, ideally by identifying three daily targets that, on ce completed, will make your day a win for you. Next, plan your entire day in 30 min or 60 min time slots.

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